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June 2020 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our 2nd edition of the CBD newsletter. Cooking with Hemp & CBD oil is a fun and versatile way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

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May 2020 Newsletter

Well hello and welcome to our very 1st edition of the CBD newsletter on all things CBD! We are super excited to have made a start into a new chapter in our lives in partnering with Flawsome Jem who is a Health & Wellbeing Coach specialising in all things Hemp & CBD… and with our main goal to be able to supply the world with quality CBD products we just knew thiswas a perfect match!!

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CBD News

Use CBd Oil To Treat Yout Next Hangover

Aug 19,

One tequila shot turns into two, two turns into three, and by the time you realize, oh snap! Two bottles are down. We’ve all been there honestly. And you are on top of the world until the hangover kicks in….

Congress Allows Troops To Use CBD Products

Jul 21,

According to Marijuana Moment, the House of Representatives approved a measure that allows troops to use hemp products as well as its derivatives…

CBD Is A ‘Promising’ Therapy In Treating Cocaine Misuse, Meta-Study Finds

Jul 16,

As we continue to see outbreaks of the novel A key component of marijuana shows promise in the treatment of cocaine misuse, according to a new meta-study…

CBD For Coronavirus? New Study Adds Evidence For Cannabis As Covid-19 Treatment

Jul 15,

As we continue to see outbreaks of the novel coronavirus surging, many are waiting and hoping for treatments to be developed that might treat, cure or prevent the potentially deadly disease…

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